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GAME INFO Escape the Gravitory in this Puzzle-Platformer. Solve mind-bending puzzles with gravity physics while jumping spikes, dodging bullets, flipping switches, pwning enemies, and MORE! Featuring a cute voice by the developer himself.

gravity  pixels  flixel  platformer  evil  laboratory  physics  retro  classic  thinking  awesome  test  cell  slave  hamedn  superawes
HOW TO PLAY Welcome to Gravinaytor, the world where anything possible, is possible. Retro Platformer + Modern Mechanics + Gravity Physics = GRAVINAYTOR. You wake up in a laboratory and have no idea where you are. As you start to question why you are here, a young girl somewhere in the lab calls you, and gives you guidance. You start to travel through the laboratory, in search of a way out.rnrnEach level has a unique twist on the gravity arrow mechanic. No levels require guesswork, just platforming ability and good use of the mechanic.rnrn-Over 60 lines of cute yet scary voice acting!rn-Over 35 Levels with to provide a unique platforming and puzzle solving experience!rn-Levels don't require guesswork, all of it is built off of the core gravity mechanic!rn-Gorgeous pixel art!rn-Retro platforming with a twistrn-More than just a platformer! Levels make you think!
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